QED provides CAD/CAM services and drawing reproduction, HM&E design and analysis, technical representation, HVAC Survey and system balancing, maintenance and history/trend analysis, and machinery maintenance planning.  Our engineering services include:

Engineering Drawings

  • Structural and Hull Engineering Analysis
  • Mechanical Engineering Analysis
  • Electrical Engineering Analysis
  • HVAC Survey and System Balancing
  • Ship Checks

Planning Support

  • Advanced Planning for Ship Repair
  • Ship Engineering Planning Support (SEPS)
  • Specification Development

Design Support

  • Structural and Hull Engineering Design
  • Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Electrical Engineering Design
  • CAD/Drawing Development & Reproduction
  • Ship Checks

Engineering Documentation

  • Ship Alteration Records & Repair Standards
  • Update Ships Installation Drawings (SID)
  • Update Ships Selected Records (SSR) Drawings & Documentation
  • Publish Classified Tech Manuals, Drawings & Ship Information Books

Finite Element Analysis

  • Pre-fabrication analysis to reduce cost and production time
  • Ship foundation/ mounting hardware analysis for shock qualification on new installations aboard U.S. Navy ships
  • Reports/ drawings produced in your format