QED takes pride in providing our customers with the highest quality engineering products and services.  By utilizing highly talented and experienced personnel, the latest technologies in hardware and software, and proven processes and procedures, QED produces technically accurate and cost-effective deliverables that meet or exceed customer expectations.  We would truly appreciate the opportunity to support any engineering requirements you may have now or in the future.  

Engineering Drawings

  • Structural and Hull Engineering Analysis
  • Mechanical Engineering Analysis
  • Electrical Engineering Analysis
  • HVAC Survey and System Balancing
  • Ship Checks

Design Support

  • Structural and Hull Engineering Design
  • Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Electrical Engineering Design
  • CAD/Drawing Development & Reproduction
  • Ship Checks

Engineering Documentation

  • Ship Alteration Records & Repair Standards
  • Update Ships Installation Drawings (SID)
  • Update Ships Selected Records (SSR) Drawings & Documentation
  • Develop and Update Technical Manuals, Drawings & Ship Information Books
  • Machinery Alteration (MACHALT) Procedure Development
  • Engineering Operational Sequencing Systems Procedures (EOSS)

Engineering Support

  • Advanced Planning for Ship Repair
  • Ship Engineering Planning
  • Support (SEPS)
    Specification Development

Finite Element Analysis

  • Pre-fabrication analysis to reduce cost and production time
  • Ship foundation/ mounting hardware analysis for shock qualification on new installations aboard U.S. Navy ships
  • Reports/ drawings produced in your format

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